Art as a powerful companion to synchronise body, mind and soul.

Ulrike Dorau | free spirit art

"Art changes the energy in a room, because colors have their own universal language and transformative power. With the knowledge of this potential and the effect of gemstones and metals, I create unique works of art to harmonize body, mind and soul.

Draw new energy, come to rest, find your focus, feel clarity or let yourself be inspired by pure joie de vivre. Use these resonances and enjoy harmony in our fast, digital world."

Very welcome, Ulrike

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Exhibitions 2023

Maybe you'd like to meet me in person or see the artworks live? Join me at one of my exhibitions!

July 2023 ARTe Constance

October 2023 Thalamus Stuttgart

November/December 2023 Bologna

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  • Anker

    visual anchor

    "Free Spirit Art" - works of art can be visual anchors and support you in your personal development in everyday life. You can remind yourself of certain goals over and over again. Custom orders that are tailored to you personally are also possible!

  • Antike Statue

    Anchient technic

    Encaustic - the art of painting with wax & fire. This technique has existed since ancient times and is much older than oil painting. I bring this technique back into the here and now with natural materials.

    more about my working technique 
  • vibrierende Herzenergie

    Positive energy

    Colors have their own universal language and transformative power. They bring their energy into the room - as do the gemstones and metals I use.

    Bring the energy you need into your rooms!

  • Lieferwagen mit Herz

    Service with heart

    All my artworks are created with dedication and mindfulness. And this is how I handle customer service:

    > contactable at any time

    > free shipping within Germany

    > Purchase on account possible

    > 10% welcome discount for newsletter subscribers

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