Encaustic - Handling and care instructions

Encaustic paintings are very long-lasting because beeswax and Damar resin are moisture repellent. The artwork will not yellow or darken.

Please do not frame encaustic paintings under glass. All my paintings are made in a way that you could hang them up directly. The sides are either waxed or have a finish with high-quality glazes or chalk colours matching the theme. If you prefer a frame, a floater frame is best for this purpose.

Even though they are very long-lasting, encaustic paintings should be handled with care to avoid scratches on the surface and protect the edges.

Please do not expose encaustic art to extreme temperatures or changes in temperature - e.g. direct sun or extreme cold or a transport in a hot car. Please also do not hang directly next to or above a fireplace.

During the first year, encaustic paintings can develop a fine milky coating during the hardening of the wax. This is called " blooming". This is a very normal process.The "mist" can be easily polished away with a soft cloth.

To clean your encaustic painting, you can wipe it gently with a soft cloth. The shine will come out completely. Some of my paintings also have matt parts - please do not rub here.

Have fun with your encaustic artwork - you have chosen a work with a very special and unique technique!

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