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Wide heart - rose quartz and real gold, 25x25cm

Wide heart - rose quartz and real gold, 25x25cm

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Magical companion "Wide heart" with rose quartz and 23.5 carats of real gold leaf. 25x25x2,5 cm encaustic mixed media on birch wood.

Art changes the energy in a room. The "magical companions" are brand new, unique and powerful works of art combining painting, healing stones and precious metals for wonderful energy in a room.

The rose quartz stands for love, harmony and as well as intimate connection. It opens the heart and strengthens the confidence in their own abilities, so ensteht openness to new things.

Gold has an important meaning in many cultures. It works (as far as honestly acquired and used in moderation) positively and conveys warmth and optimism from its color spectrum. For many people it also stands for wealth but also for cheerfulness and the activation of highest spiritual energy.

In this artwork, the gold leaf finished sides also give the flower and stone a wonderful frame and center the gaze.

Magical companions are also available as commissioned works!
More informationen about the commission process you can
find here - I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Working technique "encaustic"

>> Here you can find out more about the thousands of years old technique of wax painting - also called encaustic

Created with heart & soul!

I dedicate myself to each work of art with dedication and mindfulness. The
The wonderfully magical atmosphere in my studio is incorporated. This creates works of art with an incredibly positive vibration.

natural materials

Birch wood, beeswax, damar (tree resin). natural pigments, in some pictures shellac (resin), gold leaf (23 1/3 carat),
minerals/healing stones

Wax? Doesn't melt on the wall!

Damar, a natural tree resin, is added to the beeswax. The
increases the natural melting point of the wax to over 70 °C.

Handling Instructions

Information on the possible framing and care of an encaustic work of art >> here

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